Twitch streamer demonstrates the perfect way to get a girlfriend

Virginia Glaze
wholewheatpete, Twitter / Kodansha

Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, just about anyone can broadcast their daily lives for all to see – which can result in unexpected and downright hilarious moments being caught on camera in real time.

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Twitch streamer “wholewheatpete” caught one of these moments during a September 6 broadcast, where he streamed himself walking across a University campus in an attempt to pick up girls using pickup lines from his chat.

However, these weren’t any normal pickup lines: Pete stressed that he wanted his chat to use anime-themed pickup lines in his quest to find a date, which, of course, led to some humorous shenanigans.

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While his journey across campus made for more than a few hilarious moments, the icing on the cake came when Pete decided to make a PSA to his campus’s food court, which he asked a bystander to film as he stood on top of a table amidst the dining students.

“I just want you guys all to know that I am single,” Pete announced. “I am looking for a girlfriend. My favorite anime is Attack on Titan and, ummm… I can stream 260 bpm on Osu! Alright, slide in my DMs. Thanks.”

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Pete’s speech was met with a huge round of applause, snaps, and cheers from the surrounding students, with one bystander shouting “Attack on Titan!” in solidarity with the streamer.

Thankfully, his speech wasn’t made in vain: the streamer admitted that he had gotten someone’s phone number as a result of his experiment, as told in a thread of humorous Tweets where he admitted he’d been surprised at all the applause.

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In fact, some of the steamer’s cheesy pickup lines went over quite well, thanks to the hilarious creativity of his audience, with one of them being:

“Roses are red/ violets are blue/ you are best girl/ but so are you/ be my waifu?”

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His dating success aside, Pete stated that he might go through with his experiment again – which could be a major hit for the streamer, considering that his Tweet of his speech is already picking up steam on Twitter (and who knows – maybe his future waifu will tune into the stream?).