Twitch streamer debuts absolutely ridiculous King Homer Simpsons cosplay


Path of Exile streamer Kostya ‘Mathil’ Khudoshin gave viewers quite a surprise for his Twitch stream on March 13 when he brought the famous ‘King Homer’ meme to life.

March 13 was also the first day for PoE’s new Delirium Challenge League, which adds even deeper customization for player’s builds with items called Cluster Jewels.

To celebrate the abundance of jewels in the new league – or maybe just as an excuse to break out the gold body paint – ‘Mathil’ decided to surprise viewers with an epic King Homer costume.

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The jewel-encrusted meme comes from episode 19, season 3 of The Simpsons, when Springfield is “in the grip of lottery fever” and Homer is fantasizing about what he would do with his winnings.

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Mathil started his stream off with an updated version of the clip for the new Delirium League before finally debuting his ridiculous cosplay.

Covered in gold body paint that made him resemble an extra from “Goldfinger,” the Australian greeted fans with his best King Homer laugh.

Of course, there were plenty of jewels glued to him, as well as a crown and some questionable golden pants to complete this ambitious look.

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“I’ve become the notables and the cluster jewels themselves,” Mathil declared. “I did my best to jewel it up.”

After debuting his outfit, the streamer hopped right into Delirium, dutifully wearing the golden paint for the duration of the stream (he did have to lose the crown to fit his headphones on, though).

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King Homer is far from the first cosplay Mathil has done on stream; he usually dons a ridiculous cosplay for each new Path of Exile League – and sometimes just for the heck of it.

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The Delirium League is now live for Path of Exile players on PC, but those on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait until Monday, March 16 for the update to hit consoles.

However, whether Mathil will still be cosplaying King Homer at that time remains to be seen.