Twitch streamer dared into using naughty emote prefix, immediately regrets it

Lawrence Scotti
twitch streamer
Twitch: Stormfall33

Twitch streamer Stormfall33 went viral after switching her emote prefix to a dirty word she thought the streaming platform wouldn’t allow.

While Twitch can be known to be quite strict when it comes to using curse words and generally naughty language on the streaming platform, occasionally, things can slip through the cracks.

Stormfall33, a streamer on Twitch, went massively viral after potentially encountering one of these cracks in the system after inputting a naughty word while searching for a new emote prefix.

Live on August 4, the 24-year-old broadcaster was in search of a short but elegant emote prefix that won’t be too difficult to type out quickly to access emotes.

Twitch streamer regrets new emote prefix

She said, “I don’t want to use a number, I don’t want to have to type out storm33 and then, S or something, it’s just dumb.”

A viewer then suggested she use a short word that she believed wouldn’t get approved by Twitch.

After Stormfall said there’s “no way” Twitch would allow the word, after typing it in and hitting update, it actually worked.

The streamer was shocked, and shouted: “I didn’t think it would actually let me! I thought it would be like ‘This isn’t allowed!’ What the f*ck!”

The clip of her meltdown went viral instantly after her broadcast aired, notching over 300,000 viewers in just one day.

After not facing any repercussions for using the naughty word, the genuine shock Twitch would allow the word was priceless.