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Twitch streamer CrazySlick apologizes after AdrianahLee & Novaruu accusations

Published: 8/Jul/2021 17:16

by Jacob Hale


After allegations were levied against Twitch streamer CrazySlick by fellow creators Novaruu and AdrianahLee, leading to fans accusing him of sexual assault, he has come out and made an apology to everyone involved.

On July 6, Novaruu was streaming with JonZherka when she briefly mentioned hearing things about him that made her “uncomfortable” and saying that he’s “really creepy.”

Since the conversations surrounding him were private, Novaruu didn’t disclose what she had heard or who had told her things about Slick, but it definitely left Zherka shocked that there could be negative stories on Slick.

AdrianahLee shares her experience with CrazySlick

Before long, AdrianahLee put out a TwitLonger confirming that she was one of the people Novaruu was speaking about, sharing her experience with CrazySlick.


“On January 19th, 2020 I went to Novaruu’s 21st birthday party and because I went with some of my closest friends, I believed it would be safe for me to enjoy myself,” she explained. “I got very intoxicated and ended up blacked out. Leading the rest of this story what I’ve heard from multiple witnesses and how I feel about it.

“I was told that I was kissing my best friend Ena, and another one of my close friends at the time, consensually. CrazySlick was following us around trying to kiss me, trying to kiss her, and at one point I was told that he and I ended up kissing.


“Then apparently I was passed out in one of the rooms at the party and he came into the room while I was unconscious. He came into the room a couple of times… in two of those instances he touched my neck and chest saying he was ‘just making sure I was alive.’”

adrianahlee twitch streamer
Instagram: adrianah.lee
Adrianah says Slick tried to kiss and touch her while she was blackout drunk at a party.

She confirmed that “he did not rape me or assault me, but his actions did make me uncomfortable.”

Adrianah later went on stream to discuss the incident, explaining how difficult it is for women to talk openly about these things.

“As a woman on Twitch, the minute you say something you’re a clout chaser, a whore, you’re an e-girl desperate for attention. You’re not allowed to talk about experiences that made you uncomfortable… The minute you do, you are constantly victim-blamed.


CrazySlick apologizes

Slick also posted a TwitLonger, saying that he is “incredibly sorry for making Adrianah feel uncomfortable at the party.”

He added that there’s “no excuse” for his behavior and that he is “deeply sorry for anyone else I’ve ever made uncomfortable whether it be on stream, at a party, or anywhere else.”

Since posting that TwitLonger on July 6, Slick has not posted anything else or gone live on Twitch.