Twitch Streamer correctly predicts her own ban after twerking

. 3 years ago

LilyStella had a feeling she was going to be banned after twerking close to the camera while live on her Twitch channel.

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While responding to a request from her chat, LilyStella tried to do a side split during a yoga session but may have accidentally revealed more than intended.

She also seemed to add an extra shake or two while in the split position.

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The Just Chatting streamer instantly noticed what she did may have been against the Twitch Terms of Service, saying “Ok, I might get banned for that one.”

LilyStella then got out of her split to check the replay of what just happened.

“Oh no! No that looked way too much. S—, don’t report,” said Lily after seeing the result of her side split.

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Sure enough, Twitch agreed with LilyStella’s view on the situation and handed out a ban.

The streamer confirmed the ban on her Twitter account, showing everyone it was due to “engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities.”

She also let her fans know exactly what part of her stream was deemed to be sexually suggestive content.

It is unclear how long her ban will last or if the streamer will return to Twitch at all, but fans can keep up to date on LilyStella’s next move over on her Twitter.

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