Twitch streamer completely bewildered by odd gift from fans

Eli Becht
coltenrein twitch gift from viewersL: ColtonRein - Twitch R: Pixabay

Twitch streamers can get some really strange gifts from fans, but this one surely takes the cake – or corn – as the one of the weirdest.

Although watching broadcasts and subscribing are the most common means for fans to support their favorite streamers, some viewers go the extra mile and directly donate or even send physical packages.

Many streamers have their own P.O. Box, where viewers can send gifts that will then be opened up during specific broadcasts so everyone can see their reaction.

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christmas presentsPixabay
While getting presents in the mail is usually exciting, one Twitch streamer got more – or less, rather – than he bargained for.

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Twitch streamer “ColtonRein” opened up a gift from a loyal viewer during a January broadcast and quickly discovered just how weird the collection of items he’d received was in comparison to what he’d likely expected.

He held up the “gift” for viewers to see, giving them a glimpse at what appeared to be corn kernels, half-eaten toast, and many more odd items. It looks like someone took the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a bit too literally.

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“There’s corn, like, kernels,” the broadcaster said as he opened the ziploc bag. “There’s a half-eaten piece of toast and an empty pack of gum. Get the f**k outta here, dude.”

Most of the time, you’d want to make sure you get something the streamer will enjoy – but sometimes, it’s just as fun to get them a gag gift, instead.

corn on the cobPixabay
Who doesn’t like corn?

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He couldn’t help but laugh at the completely bizarre bag of items, begging the question: how did the parcel even get through the post office, in the first place?

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Streamers receiving off-the-wall mail such as this is nothing new, and viewers obviously do it see what kind of reaction they are able to get out of their favorite personalities. Back in November 2019, Pokimane received a package from someone that ended up being a full-length body pillow with her image on it – something she seemed to appreciate, to be fair.

Colton didn’t say what he was going to do with the bag of hand-me-down foods, but it seems fair to say he will not be eating that toast- although there’s surely some way he can work the corn kernels into a meal of some sort.

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