Twitch streamer Cipher under fire for harassing another player in Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals Sexual harassmentTwitter: Vicksylol and Geekay Esports

During a Twitch Rivals event, professional League of Legends player and streamer Walid ‘Cipher’ Osman was called out for sexually harassing another player. Vicksy, the woman targeted, called out Cipher’s behavior after the event, and he has since apologized.

The latest Twitch Rivals event in Europe, the Summer Rumble, has come under fire after one streamer made sexually suggestive comments towards another and harassing them.

While playing a League of Legends game against Victoria ‘Vicksy‘ Doman during Twitch Rivals, Cipher threw out remarks targeting the female mid laner. According to Vicksy’s mods, Cipher boldly proclaims “after seeing her, I don’t want her to use Charm on me anymore.”

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Even after being called out, Cipher continues to make comments objectifying Vicksy: “Sorry, sorry. Charm me my heart, she has a good package, very good.”

Cipher’s behavior promoted misogynistic comments in his Twitch chat as well: “Hear her voice if she have a good voice she is ugly,” one commenter said.

The chain continues, with Cipher actively joining in on the snowballing misogyny, going as far as calling her the Arabic equivalent of a b*tch.

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Vicksy has played League of Legends semi-competitively, having achieved Master rank in the game. She’s no casual player, consistently grinding the game and attempting to grow her own brand as a player.

But she was broken down by her physical attributes in a professional setting, despite excelling at the game. Vicksy even uses a VTuber fox avatar on her live streams — which one would assume would help avoid the harassment.

While sharing her experience publicly, she also states “I wonder why girls are mostly absent in esports [and] competitive settings?”

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Cipher issued an apology on Twitter after the situation was brought to light: “I said something during Twitch Rivals that I regret. This is not who I am and it was inappropriate. I meant no harm and I was only joking which I shouldn’t have.

“Things like this should not define our scene and I truly apologize to Vicksy. I can’t take back what I said and I should be better and do better for our communities. I am sorry again and I am willing to accept the consequences learn and move forward.”

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Twitch are yet to comment on the situation.

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