Twitch streamer allegedly caught cheating on Counter-Strike hilariously tries to play it down

CS player gets caught cheating on stream, promptly deletes channelTwitch: DJ_BANANER

Twitch streamer ‘DJ_BANANER’ was allegedly caught cheating while playing Counter-Strike: Source, and after unsuccessfully trying to play it down, promptly deleted his channel.

Valve has been cracking down on CSGO cheaters and hackers in 2021, although there are still some exploits that people are concerned about.

However, Counter-Strike: Source is a different beast. Despite being released all the way back in November 2004, a handful of servers are still populated  particularly ones based on minigames and mods.

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But unfortunately, given how old it is, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to hackers. According to a number of users in this Reddit thread, they believe they caught one red-handed after an on-stream mix-up.

Counter-Strike: SourceValve
Counter-Strike: Source might be more than 16 years old, but people still play it.

After the streamer tabbed out to a screenshot showing him using what appears to be a hack in the thumbnail of his stream, he tried to play it down.

“Yeah, it’s red boxes, but I don’t know what they are,” he said while sighing.

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Then, he tabbed back into the game and finished off the round. However, he decided to delete his Twitch channel shortly after. At least one person took that, as well as his initial reaction, as an admission of guilt.

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However, someone believed to be his friend claimed he’s innocent.

“This guy bought the PC second-hand from his buddy who apparently had a wallhack downloaded,” he wrote. “[He] didn’t even know about it or notice it.”

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The jury is still out as to whether or not he’s guilty. However, regardless of what the verdict is, people have been poking fun at the situation.

“No wonder he’s cheating. Look at that aim and movement,” wrote one person.

“Cheating in Counter-Strike: Source Gun Game in 2021, what a f**king loser,” wrote another.

Either way, DJ_BANANER’s Twitch channel is no longer active and there’s no word on if or when he’ll be back.

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