Twitch streamer catches ‘Will Smith’ slapping players in Elden Ring and it’s going viral

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One unsuspecting Twitch streamer was left flabbergasted after an Elden Ring player named ‘Will Smith’ reenacted the Fresh Prince’s viral 2022 Oscars slap in the game.

Elden Ring continues to thrive as one of the biggest games of the year thus far, enchanting players with its scenic vistas, addictive gameplay, and of course, its many grueling bosses.

However, another major aspect of the Souls games is the ability to summon friendly players to aid in boss fights — as well as invading other players’ games to wreak havoc.

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One Elden Ring player decided to take it upon themselves to bring the real world into The Lands Between in a creative way that left one Twitch streamer absolutely baffled.

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Elden Ring is the latest jewel in FromSoftware’s SoulsBorne crown.

Elden Ring player recreates Will Smith Oscars slap

Streamer ‘Moist_Walrus’ was in the middle of an Elden Ring session with friends when he got invaded by an enemy player.

That, in itself, isn’t too unusual. What was strange about the encounter was the player’s name — Will Smith.

Smith appeared at the top of a staircase that Walrus and his friend were in the middle of climbing before descending and delivering a solid punch to Walrus’ friend.

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The ordeal was a near-perfect recreation of the viral moment when Will Smith walked onstage at the 94th Academy Awards to slap comedian Chris Rock as recompense for making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith.

That’s not all; after slapping his foe, the player named Will Smith returned to the top of the steps to let out a yell, likely mimicking the moment Smith returned to his seat at the Oscars and shouted “Keep my wife’s name out your f**king mouth!”

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The entire episode was enough to send Walrus over the edge. The streamer couldn’t stop laughing at the player’s hilarious (and honestly, quite creative) pre-battle routine.

This is just one of many things to enjoy about Elden Ring, which has been called a “fantastic start for the new franchise” by FromSoftware. It looks like players could be getting even more Elden Ring goodness in the future — minus Will Smith, of course.

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