Twitch streamer catches neighbor robbing her house live on broadcast

Twitch Streamer RobbedYouTube: Karii

Twitch IRL broadcasts can capture some insane moments, and one variety streamer had just that, broadcasting their neighbor robbing her house in broad daylight.

Variety Twitch streamer ‘Karii’ loves to sharing her day to day routine on Twitch, interacting with chat by asking for advice on every topic from fashion to travel and more.

However earlier in July, her stream caught something extraordinary. What at first appears to be an every day stream ends up becoming documentation of a burglary.

Before leaving temporarily, Kari asks her chat “can you guys stay here while I go get my luggage? I’m going to get my carry on luggage from my car.”

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Kari places the camera on the floor, with a POV of the front door. She steps out, leaving what should have only been her dog in the camera’s view.

However a pair of unidentified legs entered the scene moments after, walking across the front and entering her home. The sound of Kari’s door opening can be heard on stream.

They quickly exit, escaping the crime scene before Kari returns. Twitch chat notice the burglary, with many confused as to what exactly happened.

Kari returns a couple seconds after the thief exits, oblivious to the events that occurred. Twitch chat attempts to warn her, telling the streamer “you got robbed Kari” and “oh we got a thief.”

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At first, Kari looks concerned, but waves the comments off assuming Twitch chat was simply trolling her. The rest of the stream goes by normally, and everyone forgets about the event.

It wasn’t until July 27 when Kari finally noticed the burglary. While deleting her old VODs, she realized her neighbor had entered her property while she dipped temporarily.

Apparently he had gone inside and stolen a drink from her fridge. It’s not the biggest of thefts — but she might be more mindful from now on.