Twitch streamer calls out another streamer for passing on host: "I will ruin you" - Dexerto

Twitch streamer calls out another streamer for passing on host: “I will ruin you”

Published: 11/Jul/2021 13:09 Updated: 13/Jul/2021 14:35

by Luke Edwards


Twitch streamer AyeHunni was elated after she was raided while streaming Warzone, but the situation turned sour after she passed on the raid to her friend, prompting the original raider to angrily call on his fans to block her.

‘Raiding’ can create some of the most communal moments on Twitch. The premise is simple: a streamer with a larger viewerbase sends their viewers to another streamer’s channel, boosting their profile.

Over the years, raiding has Twitch’s most wholesome moments, with chess stars Alexandra and Andrea Botez reducing a small streamer to tears when they raided him with 40k viewers, and another small streamer making $85,000 after being raided by crypto enthusiasts.


For a relatively small streamer like AyeHunni, who streams variety to 1.3k followers, a raid could make a huge difference to their profile. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t pan out exactly as she hoped.

The Botez Sisters play chess on Twitch
Instagram: missbotez
The Botez sisters have provided some of Twitch’s most wholesome raids.

While streaming Warzone, AyeHunni was raided by streamer G5_Sin, who sent over 100 viewers to her channel. She was absolutely ecstatic. “No shot you just did this!”

However, as AyeHunni was coming to the end of her stream, she decided to pass the raid onto her friend, who was equally happy to have a massive influx of viewers.

But G5_Sin was not happy with her passing on his viewers to another channel. “She passed my people on to her people,” he said, clearly not impressed. “Nah, we’re not doing that… you try to play me, I will ruin you.”


He encouraged his fans to unfollow and block her, but later admitted he was “very intoxicated”, and claimed it was “one stupid moment”.

“I’m honestly sorry if I came off out of line, but you also have to view things from my perspective a little,” he said.

In a statement to Dexerto, G5_Sin said, “I was extremely intoxicated and the stream clearly shows that.” He explained that he has apologized to AyeHunni privately also.

On July 11, AyeHunni posted a series of Discord messages between them both, which appear to threaten legal action for using the footage from his stream.


AyeHunni was not initiated, posting “I never showed anything on my stream in regards to this so it’s not intellectual property.. and I never said anything bad about him. There is no case.”

While most of the time Twitch raids provide a great bonding experience between streamers, as well as boosting profiles, things didn’t quite pan out this time around.