Twitch streamer calls for ban warnings after suspension for showing Omegle

Dylan Horetski
Twitch Warning System called for after omegle ban

A Twitch streamer by the name of ‘VCruzzin’ is calling for the platform to start warning streamers about potentially bannable content after he got banned for broadcasting Omegle on his channel. 

When you break Twitch TOS during a stream, you’re likely to receive a ban — whether it’s automatic or your broadcast gets reported by a viewer.

The Amazon-owned website has an entire list of banned games and other content, as well as rules in their TOS that prevent streamers from showing banned creators.

Twitch streamer ‘VCruzzin’ was issued a ban for streaming Omegle on his channel and now he’s calling for the platform to begin issuing ban warnings beforehand.

Streamer calls for ban warnings

On June 23, Twitter ban-reporting page Streamerbans reported that VCruzzin was banned from the platform.

The creator quickly shared the tweet and explained to a fan that he was on the randomized video chat website Omegle, revealing that he did not know it was against TOS to broadcast.

Although he wasn’t aware of the rules regarding the website, he explained in another tweet that he takes “full responsibility” for not knowing.

Minutes later, he posted a tweet calling for Twitch to implement a warning system for streamers who are broadcasting bannable content. This would be similar to YouTube Gaming’s pre-ban warning that allows streamers to close copyright material before their stream gets disconnected.

He said: “Also, I’m taking full responsibility for not knowing Omegal[sic] was a banned site. But I just wish there was a warning system on Twitch instead of straight to a ban. @TwitchSupport, I’d appreciate it if we could talk more about that in the future.”

Later on, he doubled down on his idea — explaining that he thinks there should be a warning system because his ban was only for one day.

“The ban is for “1 Day”… this is why I say there should be a warning system. You can consider a 1 day not serious but when you do this for a living it isn’t cool,” he tweeted.

Many of the creator’s fans are in support of the ban warning idea, so maybe the idea will be put to vote on Twitch’s feedback and suggestions forum, UserVoice.

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