Twitch streamer CallMeKevin raises over $43k in charity hot tub stream

Jacob Hale
CallMeKevin charity hot tub Twitch stream
Twitch: CallMeKevin

Irish Twitch streamer Kevin ‘CallMeKevin’ O’Reilly decided to take advantage of the ‘hot tub meta’ and raised a substantial amount of money for charity in the process.

The hot tub meta is something that has caused huge controversy among the Twitch community throughout 2021. Twitch have advised that they’re “closely” monitoring hot tub streams, while streamers such as Valkyrae have defended it and Malena is vehemently against it.

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, it’s clear they’ve caused significant division, but CallMeKevin saw an opportunity to really do something good for his community and for charity.

In a tweet posted at the end of his stream on May 13, Kevin was clearly absolutely mindblown at what had happened.

In just three hours, his viewers managed to raise $43,330.20 for St Jude’s Children Research Hospital, which treats the toughest childhood cancers and pediatric diseases.

Kevin thanked everyone who was involved, calling it “mind-blowing,” adding that “we did a really good thing today.”

The stream was chock full of entertainment, and Kevin even battled through a storm to keep things going, the best opportunity to start singing his sea shanties.

He had a number of challenges, raffles, and more for reaching certain milestones, with a goal of $10,000, but he and his community seriously exceeded that.

While the hot tub meta may have caused a stir among the Twitch community, Kevin decided to take it and do something good, and we would love to see more like this in the future.