Twitch streamer brings parents to tears with unbelievable Christmas gift - Dexerto

Twitch streamer brings parents to tears with unbelievable Christmas gift

Published: 25/Dec/2021 22:30

by Alec Mullins


The waterworks are open thanks to Twitch streamer and content creator Cody ‘Xposed’ Burnett’s generous Christmas gesture for his parents. 

When it comes to the world of gift-giving, it can be hard to nail down exactly the right thing to hand out during the holiday season, but popular streamer Xposed certainly didn’t have that problem this year.

In a clip posted on his Twitter account, Twitch’s resident gambling expert shared the moment that he changed his parents’ lives forever.

Twitch streamer gives his parents an unforgettable Christmas gift

Twitch streamer Xposed gave his parents the gift of a lifetime
It didn’t take long for the tone of this family gift exchange to change

The video starts with the streamer’s family gathered around the floor in the midst of exchanging gifts and Xposed quickly hands over a letter for his mother to read out loud.


It doesn’t take long for things to get emotional, as she only makes it about a sentence in before announcing she’s already on the verge of crying, and that’s before she even knows what’s really happening.

She continues through the letter and absolutely loses it when she reaches the real present: her son has decided to pay off the rest of the mortgage on their house.

Fans and friends react to Xposed’s Christmas gift to his parents

It didn’t take long for fellow creators and fans alike to praise and congratulate Burnett for doing such a nice thing for the fam.

Twitch streamer Classify chimed in by saying “So inspirational, happy holidays to you and the fam man. You’re a legend.”


Pro Call of Duty player also shared his appreciation for the moment: “You’re a good f***in’ dude, love this for you and the fam. Congrats brotha.”

Xposed’s fanbase also cheered on their streamer, with one user saying that Xposed himself is a gift, both to his parents, and the world of streaming: “You are such a blessing, be it for your family or the twitch community! Absolute Legend!”

This sweet moment will definitely be remembered not only by the family members involved, but Xposed’s fans as well.