Twitch streamer breaks his table with bare hands in a fit of rage

Plaqueboymax with his broken tableTwitch: Plaqueboymax

Twitch streamer Plaqueboymax broke a table that was right next to his streaming setup after another streamer RapperDude provoked him in a discord call.

While there are many instances of things breaking on Twitch, be it tables, chairs, or monitors. Most of them are either scripted as a part of an elaborate joke or at least not done with bare hands.

This is what sets Plagueboymax’s fit of rage apart from other instances of similar situations on Twitch. As it appears this breaking of a table was not scripted. What’s more, it was done with his bare hands.

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It all started when RapperDude called Max via Discord and started the call by asking him: “Why did you say that you do not like females? It’s kinda weird man.”

This already put plaqueboymax into a bad mood, before the call continued another 10 minutes where RapperDude appears to try and tick Max off on purpose to get a reaction before he finally snaps and starts hitting the table next to his setup in the heat of the moment, which was immediately clipped.

Timestamp of 10:00

Plaqueboymax punches his table

Plaqueboymax’s assault on the table next to his setup ended with it partially breaking. Following this, he picked it up and showed it off on camera before saying that he never wants to receive a call from RapperDude ever again.

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The trial of destruction doesn’t seem to end there, as Max’s camera goes out after he put the table down.

Eventually, he fixes the problem and the feed from his camera comes back, after which he asks his viewers if he can get “a moment of silence for my table, please,” while displaying the battered bit of furniture.

Max and his chat laughed off the entire happening and all were well for the rest of the broadcast. We sincerely hope his hands are okay.