Twitch streamer breaks $300 headset as they fail miserably at opening beer bottle

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer Jayden ‘xDwn’ Saunders completely wrecked a pair of $300 headphones while attempting to open a beer on stream.


xDwn is an Australian streamer who plays a variety of games, but was in the middle of a rowdy Just Chatting session with his stream when the headset incident occurred.

After claiming he could open a beer with anything, the streamer decided to try and prove it with his new $300 headset, what could go wrong?

This is pretty much how it turned out.


Hopefully it wasn’t a twist off

After claiming he could open a beer with anything, xDwn decided to prove it using his new $300 headphones.

According to data collected by the World Health Organization, Australia is the eighth highest consumer of alcohol in the world (in litres per capita), right behind of Serbia and ahead of Portugal.

With that in mind, drawing on all of his Australian drinking experience, xDwn carefully positioned the beer bottle on his headset and promptly ripped it half, leaving an exposed wire where the rest of the headset was.

For his credit, xDwn had already had a few before the stunt (his stream was literally titled Hanging Out & Smashing Beers), so his judgement was probably impaired enough to make him believe it would work.


Drinking and streaming: what could go wrong?

Compared to other streamers who have gone live while inebriated, xDwn’s headphones incident wasn’t that serious for anyone except him.

A YouTube streamer named Brian 'ONLYUSEmeBlade' Risso passed out drunk on stream on the same day and his chat took full advantage.

That's nothing compared to the backlash received by Ebenezer ‘EBZ’ Lembe after he broadcast himself driving drunk on stream.

Streaming while getting extremely bombed very rarely seems to end very well for streamers, but it's pretty unlikely inebriated streams will stop anytime soon.