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Entertainment • Feb 15, 2019

Twitch streamer blows up sex doll in the weirdest way possible

Twitch streamer blows up sex doll in the weirdest way possible

Twitch personality ‘NymN’ was celebrating his birthday on stream with his chat when he opened a present from an anonymous fan - which turned out to be a male blow up doll for when he’s feeling lonely.


NymN streams various games, but is mostly known for the hilarious memes that constantly come out of his broadcasts with the help of his community.

During his stream, Nymn was sharing his birthday joy by opening and appreciating the gifts his viewers sent him. So when he got to the one containing a saucy blow up companion, he didn’t hesitate to use his present.


Fans of NymN know just how hilariously strange his broadcasts can get.

The placement of the blow up doll’s port to blow air into was located dead-center on the crotch, giving the whole moment a steamy (and hilarious) vibe.

What followed was a hysterical struggle by NymN to keep the doll stable while breathing life into his new friend. After initial hurdles from the streamer, he decided to play some music to set the mood.


The segment was riddled with increasingly meme-worthy freeze frames as the doll inched closer to being completely filled with air. It was about halfway through when NymN’s stream thumbnail got really provocative, showing NymN smothering another figure’s lower half.

NymN’s Chat was in a craze with some relating the blow up job to other recent TOS-ridden moments in Twitch’s recent history.


After the near 10-minute affair, NymN had gotten a bit misty around the face, but managed to bring his new stream companion to life for his birthday.

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