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Entertainment • May 01, 2019

Twitch streamer banned for nip-slip after falling asleep on stream

Twitch streamer banned for nip-slip after falling asleep on stream
Instagram: @lilshan

Twitch streamer 'thelilshan' has had her channel taken down after she fell asleep while broadcasting, with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on show for viewers to see.


Lil Shan had been streaming on the Amazon-owned platform on May 1 when the incident occurred, which quickly saw her stream ended, presumably by Twitch staff, and is no longer available.

Even without the 'nip-slip', dozing off while on stream - especially with a camera live - is generally frowned upon, and if done at length or repeatedly, can itself also lead to punishment from Twitch. 


Instagram: @lilshan
Lil Shan's streaming career was cut short after the unfortunate sleeping incident.

Making matters worse for Lil Shan, not only did she fall fast asleep, but in her slumber her top was pushed out of place, leaving her exposed.

A viewer saved a short clip from the stream before it was promptly taken down, along with the rest of Lil Shan's content, and it quickly made the rounds on social media.

Warning: Clip is NSFW

You can view the clip right here.


Sleeping streamers on Twitch

Unsurprisingly, it's not the first time streamers have fallen asleep on stream, but it is perhaps a helping of bad luck that led to the unintentional slip.

Other sleeping streamer stories have turned out better than this, with one broadcaster waking up to discover thousands of viewers watching his channel - the clip of this moment became one of the most viewed on Twitch ever.

As for Lil Shan, it's unknown how long the channel suspension will last, but it's unlikely to be permanent, provided it was her first breach of the community guidelines. Her Instagram bio reads "your favorite sleepy girl" - so perhaps she is embracing the stream fail.

Twitch bans can vary from 24 hours to over a month, or even permanent if it is a repeat infraction or a very serious incident. Twitch does not comment on community guideline violations to respect the privacy of users.

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