Twitch streamer banned for risqué cosplay blames her viewers

by Mike Kent


Twitch guidelines surrounding appropriate clothing are a fairly controversial subject, and with the streaming platform often accused of inconsistencies with who it bans, it comes as no surprise to learn that some personalities feel the rules don’t apply to them.

A streamer by the name Quqco was banned by Twitch on Sunday August 18 for what appears to be a clear violation of the dress code while wearing a cosplay of Mai Shiranui from the Dead or Alive series.

The risque outfit features a prominent split up the side of each leg, potentially giving the illusion that the wearer is ‘going commando’. In perhaps a sign of how appropriate the ban was, viewers found out that this wasn’t the case after she bent over to reach something out of shot.

“There,” Quqco said after the rather NSFW moment. “You guys see I’m wearing underwear.”

Despite what many are calling a clear violation of the rules, streamer Quqco didn’t see it that way, and in a Tweet blamed members of the LiveStreamFails Reddit for mass reporting her account.

Quqco claimed she was being sexually harassed in her chat and that they started reporting her when she began banning users. She later deleted the Tweet, claiming she didn’t want to continue being ‘brigaded’.

The decision to ban particular channels based on attire is one that continues to bring Twitch’s guidelines into question.

The rather nonspecific rules state: “Attire in gaming streams, most at-home streams, and all profile/channel imagery should be appropriate for a public street, mall, or restaurant.”

Quqco’s ban happened on the same day that a group of Korean streamers had their channel removed after going viral for a ‘pool side’ stream.

Clips found their way around social media rather quickly after the four Korean’s women lounged around in their bikinis, eventually reaching the top of the Just Chatting section. 

In both this case and Quqco’s, it’s unclear how long the bans will last.