Twitch streamer Arab proves money can buy happiness by paying toddler $100 to stop crying

. 27 days ago
Arab with crying kid
Twitch: Arab

Well-known IRL Twitch streamer ‘Arab’ has disproven the age-old adage “money can’t buy you happiness” by giving a crying toddler $100 to stem a toddler’s tears.

‘YourFellowArab’, better known as Arab, is a multi-platform content creator best known for his IRL streams. Like many other IRL streamers he has a habit of finding himself in sticky situations.

IRL streaming brings both the good and bad out of people. Whether it’s a Tesla rolling up for an in-person donation, or catching a theft occur as it happens.

This time, Arab has managed to do both when encountering a child loudly crying in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

YourFellowArab on a bridge displaying his IRL streaming gear
Instagram: Arab
Arab streams to his 600,000 followers on Twitch using a hefty assortment of tech for a crisp viewing experience.

As the child’s tears interrupt Arab’s stream the kid shows his camera awareness by stumbling directly into frame.

He opened up a light-hearted chat with him saying: “Hey bro we’re streaming. Loosen up ya know what I mean?”

Taking no heed of his words the crying continues unabated. Arab then tries to outright bribe the kid into silence.

“Will you stop crying if I give you a hundred bucks?” Funnily enough, the streamer achieved the silence he is after — after holding a crisp note out he is met with silence from the kid.

Offering a pinky promise that the youngster agrees to stop crying before handing the note over, the two stare each other down before a high five seals the deal.

Arab also told the tot to “be a good boy to your mom” before the kid toddles out of frame.

The mom seemed in high spirits about the affairs, laughing out of frame and saying “he’s not gonna give you that 100 dollars though” before Arab refuses the attempt to give it back.

“Congratulations, it’s yours! But he’s not allowed to cry.”

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