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Twitch streamer accidentally sets hair on fire in candle disaster

Published: 10/Dec/2021 15:40

by Lawrence Scotti


Hannah ‘Hanhuts’ Hutson was streaming on Twitch when she accidentally dipped her hair into a candle and burned much of her locks off.

Hanhuts, a variety streamer on Twitch, was enjoying some holiday cheer with a Christmas-themed stream. Her setup was designed to be appropriately holiday-inspired, include a few open flames.

With the chimney lit and cheerful tunes playing, the holiday cheer was abruptly cut short by an accident that involved getting a little too close to a lit candle.

Christmas twitch stream
Twitch: HanHuts
HanHuts was enjoying her Christmas stream on Twitch.

Twitch streamer’s hair catches fire

Hanhuts was streaming on December 9 when the firey accident occurred.

She approached the camera and said, “So here I am.” Her sentence was cut short as her hair got caught on fire by getting too close to a candle that was just behind her. Smoke can be seen coming out of the back of her head as she staggered away from the camera.


Hannah freaked out, “Oh my God! Did you f**king see that?!” The streamer then showed off her burnt-off hair to her audience, “MY HAIR BURNED OFF! My f**king hair burned off!”

Luckily she wasn’t hurt from the flames and put it out quite quickly, and the stream carried on.

She took the unfortunate incident like a champ and laughed it off while being in disbelief that a chunk of her hair was now gone.

Let this be a lesson to other streamers to not get too close to lit candles this holiday season.