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Twitch streamer 4Conner quits platform after racist messages leak

Published: 21/Feb/2021 11:36 Updated: 21/Feb/2021 12:23

by Luke Edwards


Twitch streamer 4Conner has quit the platform after offensive messages sent in a discord channel surfaced.

4Conner first achieved notoriety when, in 2018, he beat League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp in a Lee Sin 1v1 battle.

Since then, he has accrued over 45,000 Twitch followers, with a major popularity boom occurring in August 2020, where at the start of the month he had just 2.7k followers. After streaming Among Us with the likes of Trainwrecks and others, his audience ballooned.

But, 4Conner has since quit Twitch and Twitter after racist, transphobic and homophobic messages he sent in a Discord channel emerged.


4conner among us
Twitch: 4Conner
4Conner became a very popular Among Us streamer.

On February 20, a series of chat logs posted on Imgur revealed offensive comments made by 4Conner in a Discord group channel.

They included images of Conner posing in front of a Confederate flag, as well as multiple remarks about ethnic minorities, one of which said: “I will be committing hate crimes towards the African American race.”

Conner also made sexist remarks, as one message said: “I just don’t think women are funny and are only good for procreation.”

4CONNER towards african americans comment

4Conner apologizes for offensive messages

Soon after the messages surfaced, Conner livestreamed his apology, where he announced he would be stepping back from Twitch streaming for the foreseeable future.


“It is not me, it’s not who I am, it’s who I was,” he said. “I never meant any serious harm. But at the end of the day, I was being racist, transphobic, homophobic, antisemitic.

“It’s really hard for me to associate myself with that because I know how I feel. I know I have hurt a lot of people.”

Conner also urged people not to make excuses for him. “Stop defending me,” he said. “I deserve all of it. Anyone who says s*** like that deserves it.

“I am sorry to all the people who have interacted with me since I started streaming and all the people who interacted with me before. I did not realize the weight my words carry.”


Mizkif responds to 4conner leaks

Fellow streamer Mizkif has since confirmed that 4conner is no longer welcome at his house, where he had been visiting frequently.

“I have made the decision, myself, I have talked about it, to Conner, and Conner is no longer allowed at my house, ever again.”

Train & more react to 4Conner controversy

Trainwrecks received criticism for a tweet that attacked critics of 4Conner. It was later deleted.

trainwrecks on 4conner

“If you find yourself happy when someone else fails or gets destroyed, even if they deserve it, that says more about you than it does about them and that’s facts,” he said.

Twitch streamer Macaiyala, who was in the same Discord channel, also spoke out. She apologized for not calling him out for his actions at the time, but hit back at accusations of her “enabling” his behavior.


“I never spoke up and yes, I should have and I am fully admitting that,” she said. “There really isn’t any excuse here. I was wrong not to do so.

“But it’s just bullsh*t to pinpoint me as an enabler when this was so long ago. I just can’t comprehend that logic.”

After all this fallout, it is unlikely 4Conner will return to Twitch. “I probably don’t have a future. I am going to be gone for a long time,” he said.

Whether Twitch will take any action on 4Conner is unclear.