Twitch star Veibae lashes out at “freak” viewer pestering about Sodapoppin

Veibae talks to chatTwitch: Veibae

Twitch Vtuber star Veibae called out a thirsty “parasocial” Sodapoppin viewer on stream after they sent an explicit message.

Veibae and streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris have both been linked at various points over the past few months. From rumors they were dating after hitting it off in Twitch streamer Mizkif’s show Parasocial, to an irate Veibae fan sending a scathing email on her relationship with Soda and how it was supposedly degrading the quality of her streams, to rumors they might have been getting married for visa reasons. Many of their interactions have been in the public eye.

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So when a viewer in Twitch chat, one who she remembered previously asking an inappropriate question about Soda, she lashed out at them.

The viewer in question asked her what her favorite ‘position’ is, to which she said, “you are a f***ing freak.” She would go on to see the account’s chat history and show they previously asked, “you don’t have to answer… but did Soda’s d*** fit in a toilet roll?”

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Veibae would go on to call him the typical Soda viewer, even going on to debate with her Twitch chat if the viewer is from her stream or Soda’s. Many in Veibae’s chat can be seen spamming “parasocial”. 

In a Reddit thread discussing the clip, a user commented, “The chat [is] laughing when half of them have the same logs or worse.”

The idea of parasocial relationships with Twitch streamers has been a frequent topic within creator spaces for the past few years. Relationships like these are when a one-sided psychological bond forms between a streamer and a viewer. Essentially when the audience feels intimately connected to the streamer without their feelings being reciprocated. 

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It’s quite clear Veibae was quick to shut down any chance of a parasocial relationship building after the email from an irate fan was shown which disturbed many viewers despite both Veibae and Soda taking it quite lightly.