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Twitch star Susu apologizes for AdmiralBahroo accusation after police were called

Published: 27/Apr/2022 5:12 Updated: 27/Apr/2022 6:55

by Dave Deiley


Twitch streamer Susu has apologized to VTuber AdmiralBahroo after she claimed he called the police over “mean comments” made on social media. The two later confirmed a third party imitating Bahroo made the call instead.

AdmiralBahroo has been one of two VTubers under the microscope in the streaming community following accusations of harassment and bullying leveled against him and Bunny Ayu back in March.

Susu was one of the streamers to step forward, claiming Bunny “emotionally abused” her — although she did not share further details publicly.

It came to a head on April 27 between Susu and Bahroo though, with the former claiming the latter called the police over “mean comments”.


“You won’t intimidate me from supporting the victims of Bunny Ayu,” Susu stated.

Twitter: Susu_jpg
The now-deleted tweet from Susu accused Bahroo of calling police over “mean comments” online.

Bahroo defended himself from the accusations. “I genuinely do not have any idea about this. I have been taking a nap after the fire alarm went off and woke up to this,” he said.

“For the record, my name is public knowledge. I am hard at work trying to be the better person I said I wanted to be.”

After discussing the situation privately, Susu and Bahroo came to the conclusion that “an individual who was very close to all of us and was angry with me for retweeting Twitlongers against Bunny” made the call using Bahroo’s name.


Susu apologized to the panda VTuber “who was definitely hurt by this immensely and had his reputation further destroyed”.

“I’m sorry I did not handle this privately, as I figured it would escalate,” she added.

Bahroo added onto Susu statement by stating the two will be handling the rest of the situation behind closed doors.

“After discussion with Susu I can say things have been handled privately. The police were called by somebody close to Bunny and myself, and we are handling that privately.”