Twitch star LuluLovely describes how she fell for insane $5,000 banking scam

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Banking scams have been running rampant for years, whether it be a prince in an email asking you to cash a check or a fake text message disguised as your bank. When LuluLovely woke up to a text message on her phone, she thought someone was actually accessing her account. 

If you’ve had your phone number long enough, you’ve probably used it to sign up for things online. Sometimes, some sites may sell your information to other companies and your number ends up in the wrong hands.

Once this happens, you may receive fraudulent text messages that appear to be the real deal. Unfortunately, Twitch star LuluLovely woke up to a fraud message from her bank, so she followed the instructions given.

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Lululovely’s expensive interaction

When Lulu woke up in the morning and received a message stating someone was trying to send themselves $5,000 with her Zelle account, she instantly told the bank that it wasn’t her.

After a few messages back and forth between the scammer, she was told that someone from the fraud department was going to call her on the phone to help her secure the account.

After being told to deposit $5,000 into her Zelle account to become a recipient, she made the deposit.

The scammer then asked Lulu to check her email for a code to read off to him. “It looked like an official email! So I read him the code and gave him access to all of my stuff,” she explained.

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Lulu went on to explain that she got yet an email from another bank that said someone had created a Zelle account under her email. At that point, she realized that the scammer was going to transfer that $5,000 to themselves and she would never see it again.

If you receive a text message or email that you’re not sure about, you can always find the direct number to your bank and call them directly to confirm whether or not it’s real.