Twitch star Ibai enlists BTS army to help defend r/place from "bots" - Dexerto

Twitch star Ibai enlists BTS army to help defend r/place from “bots”

Published: 5/Apr/2022 9:44 Updated: 5/Apr/2022 10:20

by Sam Comrie


Twitch star Ibai called upon the BTS army to defend a spot within Reddit’s r/place project as Spanish and French streamers clashed over the pixel art. 

There have been many unlikely crossovers in the world of entertainment, but Ibai’s interaction with the BTS fandom is one of the best yet. The BTS army is comprised of the South Korean K-Pop group’s loyal fans and Ibai requested their help in a call to arms, of sorts.

While r/place has transformed into nothing more than a void, the battle for space has been gripping Redditors everywhere, with the battle between French and Spanish streamers being exceptionally fierce.


Ibai Llanos laughs during Twitch stream.
Twitch: Ibai Llanos
Ibai is known for making content with G2 Esports.

Ibai asks BTS army to help “defend” r/place from bots

People around the world were fighting for space on r/place, with some communities resorting to using bots, which Ibai was keen to stop.

As bot usage became rampant, Ibai put a call out on social media specifically to BTS fans: “BTS army attention! Please help in r/place! In exchange, the biggest streamers of Spain will stream the next BTS single. We are trying to defend the Reddit community from the French bots taking up much space. Lets Paint together” continued Ibai.

The Spanish streamer suggested that they paint the BTS logo on top of a massive French flag that sat on the r/Place project – and it eventually happened.


While Ibai had claimed French bots were at the heart of the battle, it is unclear who specifically was behind the takeover.

Reddit revived r/place for April Fool’s Day 2022, which sees users adding pixels within a limited color palette to an experimental canvas, which has now transformed into a white void of blank space.

It’s unknown if it’ll return next year, but the fierce battles have helped streamers like xQc break their own viewership records a few times over.