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Twitch star Hitbotc reveals why Sea of Thieves is forcing him to move out

Published: 29/Sep/2020 1:27 Updated: 29/Sep/2020 4:40

by Virginia Glaze


Sea of Thieves is known as one of the most jolly multiplayer games out there — but, for Twitch streamer Hitbotc’s mother-in-law, the game is so morally corrupt that she’s forcing him out of her home.

Sea of Thieves is a first-person, shared-world multiplayer game that allows users to sail the high seas with their friends and dive off the plank into all kinds of swashbuckling shenanigans.

Tasked with hunting for treasure, trading goods or participating in swordfights with other players, there’s not much that can be considered unwholesome about the game; but that isn’t stopping one Twitch streamer’s mother-in-law from banning the title from her home.

Twitch star ‘Hitbotc’ is best known for his Sea of Thieves streams, alongside other various games and broadcasts. Having moved back to Oklahoma from Oregon, the broadcaster had meant to live with his mother-in-law while he and his wife saved up to build a house in the Sooner State.

However, in a broadcast on September 28, Hitbotc revealed that his plans to build his dream home have come to a sudden halt, thanks to his mother-in-law.

According to the streamer, she claimed that she felt Sea of Thieves was a “demonic” game, and didn’t want it played under her roof any longer.

“She believes that Sea of Thieves is an evil and demonic game, and she doesn’t want it played in her home anymore,” he explained.

Of course, Hitbotc isn’t going to stop playing his most popular game on stream, and is currently seeking out alternative accommodations rather than concede to her odd demands.

“Being the honorable man that I am, we are gonna be moving out, because we’re not gonna stop playing Sea of Thieves,” he continued. “It doesn’t make sense, you guys.”

However, the dispute over Sea of Thieves isn’t tearing anything apart. Hitbotc just wants to “do the right thing” and honor her wishes, and has thanked her for helping him make the cross-country move earlier this year.

“Though I disagree with my mother-in-law, I still very much love her,” he told Dexerto.

“I am so thankful for what she has done for me and my family by giving us a place to live during our move across the country.”

Hitbotc has been met with ample support from his fans as well, many of whom are just as shocked as he is at such the sudden turn of events that hearken back to many a child’s parents’ reaction to Pokemon and Harry Potter in the early 2000’s.


DragonForce’s Herman Li banned from Twitch amid DMCA drama

Published: 27/Oct/2020 13:36 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 13:50

by Lauren Bergin


Popular music streamer and DragonForce guitarist Herman Li has had his Twitch account banned on October 27, with the reason still unknown.

In a shock move, Twitch has suspended popular musician Herman Li from streaming on the platform, which he uses to provide insight into the life of professional musicians, as well as to shred his guitar like the metal God that he is.

Known for being the lead guitarist of Grammy-winning heavy rock group DragonForce – the masterminds behind the infamous ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ that dominated every Guitar Hero players’ childhood, Li has been praised over the years for his musical talents.

The guitarist has become somewhat of an icon on the platform, so it shocked fans to see his channel was no longer available.

Li has become not only a DragonForce icon, but a Twitch one too.

Is this a DMCA ban?

At the time of writing, the reason for Li’s ban is unknown. Twitch does not comment on moderation decisions as a matter of privacy.

Speculation though, is that the artist has been banned as part of the new wave of DMCA strikes that have been sweeping across Twitch. As a musical streamer, DMCA makes the lives of musicians particularly difficult. Many have and may be banned in the future due to these new regulations – even if they are playing their own music.

In April, Li was livid as Universal muted his music on YouTube.

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Neither Li nor Twitch have elaborated on why the ban has taken place. No matter the reason though, this news comes will come as a shock to both Li and his fans, especially when he addressed the Twitch ban situation directly on stream back in June, reassuring other streamers that using his band’s music would not result in a DMCA strike.

Li stated that: “We know all these crazy things are happening on Twitch, people getting banned, people getting taken down, DMCA, I can tell you, you can play any song from the latest DragonForce album, Extreme Power Metal, and you will not get a strike. I assure you, you will be ok. Because we are very good friends with our people from the record label, who also love Twitch, so you will not have a problem.”

We will update this story if more details on the reason behind Li’s suspension become clear.