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Twitch star Hasan stunned after seeing “creepy” thief steal his merch outside

Published: 3/Jun/2022 20:05

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker was stunned when a package of his own merch was stolen right in front of his house as his mother looked on.

While being a famous Twitch streamer may seem like the perfect gig, sometimes there can be scary moments that present themselves in real life.

Hasan recently encountered one of those moments when a merchandise package in front of his house was expertly stolen the moment it was dropped off.

Hasan gets merch stolen

The 30-year-old streamer shared on June 3 how a thief camped outside his home and stole a package that was delivered only moments before.

He explained, “Had new merch delivered and stolen in the 30 seconds after drop off because my mom forgot to put it inside the gate. Saw a package and yoinked it while my mom was right there.”


The story didn’t end there, however.

Piker continued the story and said: “Okay, it’s actually creepier than I thought. He waited outside in his car after following the delivery to my house. He waited for the drop off and for my mom to leave before I could park my car and get to the front.”

Hasan finished his thoughts on the height by saying, “They’re just samples my man, idk why you had to Oceans 11 this s**t.”

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and it was merely some merch that was stolen.