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Twitch star Fareeha shocked as cooking stream comes to an explosive halt

Published: 25/Nov/2019 6:14

by Brad Norton


Cooking streams are often a unique way for Twitch streamers to engage with their community outside of video games or IRL streams. Unfortunately for Overwatch streamer ‘Fareeha’ however, things did not go quite as planned. 

A content creator for Gen.G, Fareeha Andersen is most prominently known for her entertaining Overwatch gameplay. On November 24 however, the popular Twitch streamer decided to mix things up a bit, quite literally. 

Broadcasting from her kitchen, she shared her cooking skills with the world until an unfortunate disaster struck and her streaming equipment was the subject of absolute catastrophe. 

Instagram - askfareehaFareeha (stood next to Overwatch veteran ryujehong) is a tremendously talented DPS main.

In the midst of the stream, Fareeha had carefully placed her laptop on an upside down bowl in order to keep a close eye on chat so that she could communicate with her fans and ensure that the broadcast was progressing smoothly.

With a rolling pin in hand, the streamer was kneading some dough completely unaware of just how much force she was generating in close proximity to the expensive equipment. 

Before long, a “thick screw [fell] out of the table” and crashed onto the ground, drawing her attention away from the laptop that was now sliding off of its perch. Violently smashing onto the ground below, the stream came to an abrupt halt as she panicked and subsequently froze in place as a result of the drop. 


Surprisingly enough, while the stream came to a momentary pause, somehow the laptop remained in one piece and the show went on for another few hours.

“Are we still on, is the audio still working? Oh my God, I have to leave the best review ever for this thing,” she expressed as she realized that the laptop had in fact survived the fall and was still broadcasting to the world.

“My computer fell off and took literally everything with it,” the streamer explained before fixing the frozen webcam and carrying on as though nothing had ever happened. 


The laptop was amusingly placed back on the exact same bowl atop the table, however Fareeha fortunately managed to avoid any additional disaster after this unexpected crash.

Hopefully viewers around the globe can learn from this hilarious laptop placement and avoid some hefty costs in replacing any damaged hardware.


PeterParkTV claims Fedmyster tried to get Yvonne fired from OfflineTV

Published: 27/Nov/2020 14:32

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer and friend of OfflineTV, Peter Park, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Fedmyster, Pokimane, and Yvonne, rebuffing claims that Fed didn’t want OTV’s manager replaced. 

Back in June, the OfflineTV community was turned upside down as members of the content collective accused Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan of harassment and misconduct.

Fed had not appeared on social media since giving a statement on the accusations and his removal from OfflineTV, but on November 25, he reappeared on Twitter after private messages between himself and Pokimane were leaked in a document titled ‘My Truth.’

In the document, Gaytan accused Pokimane of twisting the truth about their relationship – claims to which Poki has responded. Additionally, there have also been accusations about the former OTV member wanting their house manager, Yvonne, fired – which he and some of his fans have denied. 

fedmyster and pokimane
Instagram: Fedmyster
Pokimane and Fed’s relationship has been centre to the OfflineTV drama.

However, Twitch streamer and friend of OfflineTV, Peter Park, dismissed those claims – claiming himself that Fed made it clear that he wanted to make a change with OfflineTV’s house manager. 

“In this document, there is a section that says Fed never wanted Yvonne fired. I can personally say that this is not true,” he said during his November 26 stream, adding that he wasn’t sure if Fed was “deliberately lying or whatever.” 

Peter noted that Fed would regularly visit him and on one occasion had been discussing OfflineTV and Yvonne. 

“And he was talking about how Yvonne was lazy, no lifing League, not really helping with content, not really doing a good job as a house manager, and that her room would be better suited for a bigger content creator – and how they were moving toward having her replaced and removed from OTV,” Peter added. 

The Twitch streamer also decided against diving into the leaked screenshots between Pokimane and Fed, adding that plenty of takes have already been given on those. But, he did want to clarify the situation about Fed not wanting to replace Yvonne. 

“People were saying Fed never wanted her fired and that was a huge talking point and I just wanted to say that’s not true, and that’s that, I’m going to end it there,” Peter concluded. 

As Peter notes, many prominent Twitch streamers have weighed in on the drama, giving their take,but not all of them have garnered a response.

It remains to be seen if Fed or anyone else will respond to Park’s own claims, because as of writing, he hasn’t posted on social media since November 25.