Twitch star Anita explains how she handles grief and it’s some of the best advice you’ll ever hear

Twitch: Sweet_Anita

The live nature of Twitch means viewers can often discuss their problems with their favorite broadcaster, and streamer Sweet_Anita produced some wonderful words of wisdom when a fan asked her for advice on how to stop grieving.

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One of the most powerful things about Twitch is the connection that can be built between a viewer and their favorite content creators, and sometimes a word from one of these streamers can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives.

One such viewer asked Anita back in June for advice on coping with grief, with the Brit responding with some incredibly sage and poignant advice that is some of the best guidance you’re ever likely to hear.

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Sweet_Anita, TwitterAnita had some sage advice for a viewer.
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When Anita’s fan asked how to deal with grief, the streamer explained in a lovely and heartfelt momentthat it’s not possible to just stop grieving, but that you have to let it take its course.

“How do you stop grieving? You don’t.” the streamer explained. “And if you try to stop, you won’t. Grieving is a natural pain and it has to take its course. There will be a piece of you that is gone, but every day you will learn to work with the rest of you a little bit better until it doesn’t matter that it’s not there anymore.”

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Anita continued: “When it comes to a loved one – especially a really close loved one – there will always be days where you feel their absence more than others. The way I have learned to cope with losing people in my life is to appreciate the moments I had, rather than being bratty and mourn the days I didn’t get to have.

“I’m not going to be angry that I didn’t get more, it was a privilege to know them every day that I got to. It could have been shorter, but I got that time, I’m so happy I did. Whenever I catch myself being upset, I try to focus in on all the things I benefited from by their existence, and I become determined not to let their presence become a source of sadness or negativity.”

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Whether Anita’s amazing advice helped the viewer remains unknown, but it serves as a beautiful reminder to all of us that enjoy the moments we have with the people we love, rather than mourn the memories that we don’t get the opportunity to make.