Twitch staff force Destiny to shut down stream at TwitchCon Europe

Twitch/Twitch: Destiny

Popular Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell was forced to shut down his stream from Twitchcon Europe by a member of Twitch staff after streaming from an area in which he shouldn’t.

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TwitchCon Europe, which is being held in Berlin, Germany, kicked off on April 13 with streamers and members of the Twitch community from all around the world flocking to the event. While TwitchCon is seemingly designed to celebrate streaming and all things Twitch, there are some areas that are off limits.

Not being able to stream at a streaming event seems like an ironic twist, but that is exactly what Destiny ran into on April 14 while broadcasting on his channel.

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The former Starcraft player is now very popular on Twitch.

Twitch staff take issue with Destiny’s stream

The streamer, alongside Harry ‘Hbomberguy’ Brewis, was using a mobile stream to chat to his fan from inside one of the event’s partners lounge. When approached by a member of the Twitch staff who asked what was going on, Destiny tried to cover his tracks by stating that he was ‘vlogging.’

Yet, the staff member didn’t buy it, replying: “This doesn’t look like vlogging, I’m afraid.” Destiny quickly questioned if members were allowed to stream from the more relaxed spot.  “Are you not allowed to stream in here? he inquired, before getting a no reply. “I saw someone walking around… I’m so sorry.”

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Before shutting the broadcast off, both Destiny and HBomberguy had to show their passes to the inquiring staff member, who stated – with a smile beaming across his face – that he would remember the names.

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Ultimately, the interaction passed over without much fuss – with neither Destiny or the member of staff escalating it any further than it needed to be.

The streamer was, politely, asked to shut down his broadcast as Twitch wanted to keep the room that he was streaming from, stream free.

While that is understandable, it still does seem a little strange that there are restrictions on where people can and can’t stream from at an event designed to celebrate doing just that.

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Updated: 14th April

It appears as if Destiny isn’t the only streamer to be shut down during their stream. Pokimane was approached by another member of staff and asked to close her stream off too. However, unlike Destiny, Pokimane was outside of the Partner’s Lounge – casually walking down a hallway. 

It appears as if Twitch is seriously enforcing their rules on relaxed streaming during the event – regardless of who the streamer is.