Twitch staff confirm key improvements to ban process now in the works

Twitch has confirmed its ban process is set to receive a drastic overhaul, specifically targeting the information given to streamers following a ban.

The often inscrutable process of bans on Twitch has been subjected to scrutiny over the past weeks.

With the infamous ‘cracker ban‘ dominating discussions around what is and isn’t appropriate to say( or do), Twitch staff have announced they are looking at changing the process to bans.

With ban appeals recently entering the Twitch space, the team at Twitch HQ is clearly dedicating much time and thought towards the enforcement of their terms of service.

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Twitch logo over gambling casino imageTwitch/ Unsplash
Beliefs that gambling should not be allowed on the platform have contributed to the recent anger surrounding crackdowns on ‘sexual content’

In conversation with the Washington Post, Twitch’s VP of trust and safety Angela Hessian declared that a large move they’re attempting to make through this process is the inclusion of video proof when suspensions are dealt out.

Hessian said: “So we’re looking at how we can attach more details for people to understand — like the video itself. That’s something we’re definitely working on”

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With early detection for TOS breakages happening by AI, Twitch has long held a reputation for being hard to get in contact with following a ban.

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Alongside the ability to appeal, these new changes will be aimed at providing clarity to streamers over exactly why they are receiving punishment. With a current extreme push for shutting down ‘sexual content’ on the platform.

Dr Disrespect most popular twitch streamers by stateYouTube/Dr Disrespect
The secrecy surrounding Dr Disrespect’s ban has driven streamers and viewers wild for months, this move would put an end to speculation in the future.

Up to now, getting a ban has involved receiving an email pointing to the broken rules, with no description of the actions that broke the rules. Which can lead to misinformation spreading rapidly surrounding what gets streamers booted from the platform.

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With YouTube gaming hot on the heels of Twitch, and the company making big gaffs with its largest streamers, this move towards transparency could be just the start of a larger trend for open communication from the platform.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information on the rollout of this feature arises.

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