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Entertainment • May 28, 2019

Twitch speedrunner mind blown after finding trolls stealing his content

Twitch speedrunner mind blown after finding trolls stealing his content
L: Twitter/ClintStevensTV. R: Twitch.

Twitch streamer and speedrunner ClintStevens was left stunned after uncovering a ton of channels that were rebroadcasting his old streams.

ClintStevens is one of Twitch’s most popular speedrunners and can regularly be found trying to beat his own times and scores in games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda series.

During his May 27 stream, however, fans pointed out that he wasn’t alone in the Super Mario 64 category on Twitch. In fact, he wasn’t the only ClintStevens to be playing the game either.

A ton of accounts were set up to rebroadcast the old streams.

“Guys, who is doing this?” asked the streamer before rattling off a few names of the botting channels. After uncovering all of the accounts - which took his actual Twitch name and placed an adjective in the middle - Clint was left puzzled by what he was seeing.

He scrolled through a deep list of all the channels that were rebroadcasting his content, adding a single “Oh my God,” to cement his confusion. Yet, he even discovered more with some broadcasting to no viewers at all despite having some of best speedrunning moments playing. “Wow, how far does the rabbit hole go? Jesus Christ,” the streamer continued.

However, as some viewers jokingly tried to point the finger of blame at Clint, he made it clear that he wasn’t the one behind it. “I had nothing to do with this and I encourage you to report them, but in a way, it is a little flattering,” he laughingly added.

He saw the funny side of things as a ton of the channels decided to host his broadcast and he went in search of which channels they had decided to follow. “Mang0, xQc, Asmongold... Not even followed to me! You fucks,” he joked.

Despite all the accounts getting behind the streamer with hosts, he was unable to get to bottom of just who had decided to bot his content.

In the end, it gave his viewers a great laugh as they began spamming the chat with adjectives - trying to help the streamer with ‘his’ next PR stunt.

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