Twitch slammed for ignoring streamer who claims they’re withholding payments


Twitch bans are commonplace within the community for a variety of reasons, but one streamer has been feeling the brutal end of Twitch’s regulations, leading to monetary issues. 

Getting to a place where being a Twitch streamer is an actual career can be difficult for many users, but there are plenty signing up to try.

You’ve got to jump through different hoops to become a Twitch partner, which unlocks the subscriber button, including building up a loyal community of followers who check-in and interact with the stream.

Those subscriptions and donations make up the income for streamers, and while it can be quite lucrative, some streamers have been having issues with Twitch withholding payments from them.

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Twitch has become the go-to platform for streamers.

Sohba calls out Twitch over unreleased payments

Sohba, a small streamer with around 4,000 followers, took to Twitter to reveal that the streaming platform has refused to release funds that she has earned.

“Maybe I can’t get your attention as I’m not a big streamer, but this is interfering with small streamers’ livelihood,” she tweeted, noting that other small streamers have also suffered a similar fate.

Despite the platform confirming an investigation is underway to resolve the issue, Sohba isn’t happy with the automated responses she has been getting or having to go in circles with Twitch support. “There are people who might actually need this money to survive. When it comes to money, you should take this much more seriously than automated responses,” she said, calling on the platform to hire additional help.

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Fans and other content creators have joined in her calls, asking for clarity from Twitch on the situation. “This is really unacceptable…,” said one. “I really love streaming but I hate how increasingly unhelpful and out of touch Twitch has gotten in the relationship with their creators,” added another. Some fans have been far more direct with their criticism: “Y’all seem to only hire useless people. Your support is really sh** tier.”

Twitch has seemingly yet to respond to Sohba with a more direct conclusion to the matter.