Twitch shuts down Ludwig guest appearance on TheStockGuy’s show

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For the final episode of TheStockGuy’s interview show, he planned to have internet superstar Ludwig appear as his guest. However, Twitch denied TheStockGuy’s request to have Ludwig on.

TheStockGuy is a content creator on Twitch who, in contrast to a large number of streamers, doesn’t play games on stream. Instead, he goes live every weekday and trades stocks live. TSG is a self-proclaimed trend trader that has developed his own system of trading.

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In 2021, TheStockGuy had the first season of his Twitch-ran interview show. While he was able to suggest guests for the show, Twitch held the final say for who made the cut.

In an attempt to end the first season with a bang, TheStockGuy suggested that former Twitch streamer Ludwig would make for a great final guest. However, Twitch was not fond of having its once largest creator on to advertise his new platform.

Twitch shuts down Ludwig guest appearance

Ludwig looks shocked on YouTube stream.YouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig was denied a guest spot on TheStockGuy’s talk show by Twitch.

On one of TheStockGuy’s recent daily streams, Ludwig hopped on a call to discuss stocks and miscellaneous content. During their conversation, TheStockGuy asked Ludwig if he had ever told him what happened with his Twitch show.

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TheStockGuy stated, “I was doing that interview episode with Twitch, and we didn’t have anybody for the last episode. So I said, ‘I’m bringing on Ludwig.’ You said yes, they sent you the release, and I’m like we’re going out with a bang.”

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He then stated that Twitch came back to him and said “That’s a no.” After trying to reason with Twitch- seeing as Ludwig and Twitch parted way amicably- they still denied TSG’s request.

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TSG did admit that he eventually caved and had a final episode without Ludwig. TheStockGuy stated, “If there is a Season 2, I need to make friends. But I pulled all the stops for [Ludwig].”

Ludwig was on stream at the time and was confused as to why he wasn’t allowed on the show. TSG speculated stating, “You embarrassed them. They didn’t say that, for the record.”

This was in reference to when Ludwig shocked the internet when he announced his move to YouTube.

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