Twitch roasted after banning streamer’s cute cat emote for “sexual content”

twitch cat emote banned for sexual contentPixabay/Twitch

Twitch is under fire for banning a streamer’s cat emote for “sexual content,” despite allowing hot tub streams on the platform.

Another day, another ban from Twitch that has the community begging for answers. The latest victim? A cute cat that the Amazon-owned streaming site deemed too sexual.

Streamers have had a tough time in recent years getting their animal-themed emotes to stay on Twitch, with many getting banned from the platform without any warning.

From ConnorEatsPants’ dancing monkey, an innocent dog, and even a hippo emote, there’s no shortage of casualties. Now, a fluffy cat has joined her animal friends in the Twitch emote shadow realm, and it’s causing a big fuss on Twitter.

Streamer hits out at Twitch for banning her cat emote

On September 12, streamer Nicole ‘HallowQweenn’ Marquez called out Twitch after the platform banned her cat emote, claiming it was too “sexualized.”

“Really Twitch!? But hot tub streams [are] ok?” she pondered. “Like honestly, no hate to hot tub streams, but sometimes it gets a lil’ crazy. I understand it’s work, but to say my poor lil’ cat emote is TOO sexual?”

The banned emote in question features a feline with its back turned to peer behind it while its tail is up, but according to HallowQweenn, the emote had been approved for almost a year before it was banned.

Twitch does state that animated “images of buttocks” are not allowed, but users don’t agree that the feline emote deserved to be on the chopping block.

“How is a sassy cat sexual?” one asked. “This speaks a lot on who declined it.”

“It’s a cat… bruh. I should be banned then for how many times my cat has jumped on my chair and its butt was showing on stream,” another criticized.

Hopefully, the streamer can manage to get the cute kitten fixed and deemed acceptable as an emote in the near future. Until then, subscribers of HallowQweenn will need to make do.