Twitch response to VTuber tag exploit slammed as “unacceptable”

VTuber marina next to twitch logo on phoneTwitch: Marina / Twitch

VTubers are speaking out after Twitch addressed concerns of non-virtual streamers using its ‘VTuber’ tag, claiming they would take care of the matter “later this year.”

Twitch is a haven for all sorts of content. From globetrotting IRL streams to game shows with celebrity guests and more, the purple streaming platform has something for everyone.

The VTuber community has also taken residence on the site in a huge way, fostering supportive communities and racking up a shocking viewership in the process.

VTubers refer to streamers who use virtual, anime-style avatars to represent themselves. This is achieved with motion tracking technology, allowing streamers to interact with their audiences in a unique way.

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Ironmouse subathon recordTwitch: Ironmouse
Ironmouse is one of the most popular VTubers on Twitch, who recently broke records for her 31-day subathon earlier this month, becoming the most subscribed Twitch streamer outside of Ninja.

Earlier this month, some VTubers expressed concern after noticing that non-virtual streamers were using the VTuber tag on Twitch.

Tags on the site allow users to search for content that they specifically want to watch — but in this case, viewers looking for VTubers were getting met with huge streamers like xQc and Amouranth, who used both the VTuber and ASMR tags on their broadcasts.

Twitch response to VTuber tag drama sparks outrage

One English VTuber, Marina, took matters into their own hands and contacted Twitch regarding the matter.

However, the site’s response wasn’t exactly what she was hoping for. A Twitch administrator replied to her concerns, saying that while the company understands the need for correct tagging, they “do not feel Twitch should be the judge of Creators’ personal or creative identity.”

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“We typically only enforce the misuse of tags when it is associated with other behavior that violates our Community Guidelines, such as hateful conduct or harassment,” the admin wrote.

Marina posted a screenshot of the exchange to Twitter, saying that “‘Later this year’ is unacceptable. We need action NOW.”

A slew of other VTubers and fans have spoken out in support of Marina and the community — but several big streamers aren’t really concerned about the ordeal.

Notably, xQc and Sodapoppin both dismissed outrage surrounding the use of VTuber tags, with xQc saying: “The reality is, nobody should give a f**k. If you’re mad, you are the only person who cares.”

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