Twitch removes 'Joy of Sex Category,' and the internet is furious

by Virginia Glaze
Freepik / Sodapoppin, Twitch


Popular streaming platform Twitch is a hive for livestreamed content, including IRL broadcasts, cooking channels, and video games - but some users are furious with the site for removing one of its staple categories.


Despite its relatively odd name, streaming category ‘The Joy of Sex’ was largely used by many Twitch streamers when their game was not listed on the platform, or for stream testing purposes.

Despite this ingenious use for the category, Twitch removed the label in 2019 - prompting some users to lash out at the site in response.


Twitch has removed their catch-all category, 'The Joy of Sex,' leading to emotional responses from some streamers who used the label for test streams or unlisted games.


Sodapoppin's rant against Twitch

Popular streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris was one of these users, with many of his past broadcasts going under the category, as many games he chose to play were unlisted on the site.

This is why, when Twitch removed the category in April of 2019, Morris was furious - leading to a vehement rant against the platform during a stream.

Morris went to look up a game under ‘The Joy of Sex’ only to find that it had been removed entirely, prompting an emotional reaction from the streamer.


“I’m gonna fucking riot,” Morris exclaimed. “Shut the fuck up. Do you have any idea how fucking proud I am that the majority of my hours streamed are under ‘The Joy of Sex?’ I have worked for that! And to randomly have that taken away from me, I swear to fuck…”

Morris went on to claim that he was “genuinely upset” by the category’s removal from the site, and he isn’t alone; other users bemoaned the loss due to their use of the label for test streams, as one user Tweeted in late March.

“Twitch took away my damn ‘Joy of Sex’ category that I use for test streams,” they wrote of the issue.

Why was 'The Joy of Sex' removed from Twitch?

However, others noted that the category may have been removed due to Twitch’s stance on Adult Only games, as ‘The Joy of Sex’ was actually an educational AO game for the Philips CD-i.

As it turns out, 'The Joy of Sex' was an educational game for the early Philips CD-i - which might explain the category's sudden absence from Twitch.


Instead, Twitch has introduced a new category for unlisted games and stream tests, dubbed ‘Games + Demos,’ which fittingly skirts the ‘Adult Only’ category by a wide margin.