Twitch raises the price of Turbo 30% and fans are furious

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Twitch has just announced that they’re raising the price of Twitch Turbo, and viewers aren’t exactly happy.

Released back in the pre-Amazon days of Twitch, the company introduced Twitch Turbo, a subscription service that gave customers an ad-free experience across the site.

The platform has since begun pushing for streamers to play more ads throughout their streams, much to the chagrin of streamers worldwide.

On May 25, 2023, Twitch revealed a 30% price increase for Twitch Turbo subscribers and viewers of the site are furious.

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Twitch increases Twitch Turbo cost despite no new features

Announced in an email to users, the platform’s price increase for Twitch Turbo has already been put into place for customers worldwide.

The subscription has gone from $8.99 a month to $11.99 a month in the US, and viewers are not happy about it.

One posted a screenshot of their email on the Twitch subreddit, and others quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“What a f*cking disaster Twitch has become. 0 desire to support creators or provide a valuable UX for users,” one user replied.

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Another viewer said: “I instantly unsubscribed when I received this. Ludicrous and unchecked greed.”

Others mentioned that they think the new cost is still worth it, however: “I still think Ad-Free is worth it for an extra $3. I use Twitch too much, and sometimes I want to enter a stream quickly, check it out, and leave.”

Twitch Turbo price increase is different in other countries

While the price increase for the US is only 30%, it’s much higher in other countries as they’ve added international prices.

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Before, users were paying $8.99 in their local currency, but now there are set prices in each country.

One user on Reddit commented how much the price increase was for them in the UK, which equals roughly a 50% price increase.

“In the UK I was paying USD 8.99 converted to GBP based on current exchange rates. Last payment was £7.17 but it looks like it was usually around £7.40. Now it’s increased to £11.99 which is the equivalent of USD $14.78,” they said.

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While in Australian dollars, the price increase is lower than the US Twitch Turbo as its $15.99 AUD, which is roughly $10.46 USD.

On May 22, Twitch revealed that they’re rolling out the new ad-free Channel Switcher to a set amount of users, but others will have to either sit through pre-roll ads as they enter a stream or pay the new cost of Twitch Turbo.

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