Twitch psychic stirs controversy after advising viewer to end her marriage on stream

Antphrodite, Twitch / Freepik

As one of the net’s most popular livestreaming platforms, it comes as no surprise that Twitch offers a variety of content, including magic trick streams, travels abroad, and even psychic readings – one of which is earning a streamer ample backlash.

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Twitch streamer ‘antphrodite’ is a “sassy psychic mixing Tarot with internet culture,” who streams his Tarot card readings for a live audience.

Antphrodite even has a bustling YouTube channel and his own website, where he advertises such readings for relationships, career advice, and even offers celebrity readings – but one of his predictions is sending shock waves of skepticism across the net.

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Antprhodite, TwitterAntprhodite is a popular Twitch psychic, who also performs readings on celebrities and internet drama.

The psychic was in the middle of a stream on June 11 when he seemed to hint that one of his viewers should leave her husband, claiming that many of his cards were “reversed.”

“I’m concerned,” Antphrodite said of the cards. “Listen to me. I’m not judging your relationship, I’m not gonna tell you what to do, but what I am gonna tell you is that I’m concerned about this person not wanting the best for you, regardless of what they say.”

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Antphrodite’s reading caught the attention of Reddit, which quickly criticized both the psychic and his viewer for using Tarot cards for relationship advice.

“Maybe it’s best for the man that they get a divorce because, I don’t think he would want to be with someone that goes on Twitch to see what she should do in her relationship,” one user wrote.

“I was so surprised that everyone stupidly played along with his bullshit when he was on Train’s podcast,” another said of the matter. “I was happy Destiny was the only one willing to call him out for the scammer he is.”

Reddit commenters were quick to call Antphroditie a scammer, with some worrying that bad readings might cause someone to end their relationships.

Other users accused Antphrodite of scamming his viewers outright, stirring a major debate as to the legitimacy of Tarot and palm readings altogether, with the implication that someone would end their marriage over bad readings.

Antphrodite is one of Twitch’s most popular psychics, boasting over 20,000 followers on the platform and over 43,000 subscribers on YouTube, due to his readings concerning internet drama and pop culture.