Twitch psychiatrist Dr. K invited to UN counter-terrorism panel

Psychiatrist and Twitch streamer Dr. Alok Kanojia (Dr. K) is set to be on a United Nations counter-terrorism panel to discuss video games and their involvement with extremism. 

Dr. Alok Kanojia began his streaming career on Twitch in 2019, where the psychiatrist turned Twitch streamer began helping gamers in need to overcome their addictions and discuss the many trials and tribulations of being a content creator. Providing unique content that was never seen before on Twitch, Dr. K’s popularity raised and he’s since hosted guests such as Amouranth, Mizkif, xQc, and many more.

The psychiatrist is also the founder of Healthy Gamer, a platform that provides affordable mental health resources to help gamers. With so much knowledge and the impact that Dr. K has had in the gaming community, the streaming psychiatrist set to be on a UN counter-terrorism panel.

During his December 1 stream, Dr.K discussed the Oxford High School shooting that took place on December 1 – as a member of his community was a student who attended the school.

Throughout the discussion, Dr. K revealed that he’ll be speaking on a UN panel that will discuss the motivation and execution of extremists exploiting gaming, and the action that can be taken to prevent it.

“On Monday [December 6] I’m actually going to be speaking on a panel at the UN counter-terrorism division about violent extremism and online communities,” Dr.K revealed. “It’s bizarre that literally on Monday there will be a UN thing, where we’re going to be talking about this stuff.”

As Dr. K revealed, the panel which will take place on December 6 will discuss video games and their role in violent extremism.

With the growing popularity of social media, the panel organized by the UN will host two discussions that will attempt to understand extremism in gaming, and the second will cover what we need to do to prevent it.