Twitch Disrupt ICE_POSEIDON Competing in KEEMSTAR Fortnite Tournament By Banning His Appearance on Stream

by Calum Patterson


Banned Twitch streamer ICE_POSEIDON tried to take part in yesterday's Fortnite tournament organized by KEEMSTAR, but Twitch ruled he was not allowed to even appear on someone else's stream.

Now one of the most popular streamers on YouTube, ICE_POSEIDON was banned from Twitch in May of last year, after a messy swatting incident.


Since taking his talents to YouTube, he has continued in his ways of 'In Real Life' streaming, where he records and streams his daily activities.

But yesterday, he attempted to stream some video games, by taking part in the KEEMSTAR organized Fortnite tournament, alongside Twitch streamer Mitch Jones.


However, after playing a number of matches, it was discovered that Twitch were in face strictly enforcing the rules of the ban, with the ruling being that ICE_POSEIDON was not allowed to appear on any streams, even if it was not his own.


Twitch rulings perhaps deemed POSEIDON as attempting evasion, meaning he was trying to stream on the site despite his ban, however, he was clearly surprised that the ruling would extend to channel's not his own.

In their rounds against other players, they were forced to change the setup of the matches, in order to avoid ICE_POSEIDON's Fortnite character on stream.

Typically the games would operate with all four players in a squad game, and would chase the highest kills in their respective duos. But when playing against ICE_POSEIDON, would have to enter their own games so to avoid showing his name on stream.