Twitch pool streamer banned after making out with someone on camera

Georgina Smith
kjanecaron posing for an Instagram pictureInstagram: kjanecaron

Twitch streamer kjanecaron has been banned on Twitch after she made out with her friend in a pool stream.

The so-called ‘hot tub meta’ on Twitch became immensely popular back in April, when everyone from big to small creators were using a loophole in the platform’s attire policy that meant they could wear revealing outfits on screen.

Not everyone was a fan of the meta, however, and this led to a huge discussion over how content is deemed sexually suggestive, with Twitch creating an entirely new category named ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches’ as a result.

However as they have shown with bans amid the new ASMR meta, Twitch have not slowed down when it comes to taking action against content they deem inappropriate.

Stream kjanecaron was banned on July 9 after making out with somebody else in a pool stream for a period of a few seconds, while wearing bikinis.

kjanecaron in pool streamTwitch: kjanecaron
The pair kissed for a period of a few seconds.

On her Instagram story, the streamer initially assumed the ban to be the result of her showing a sexually themed pink candle on camera, in the caption writing it is a “one-day suspension.”

However, she uploaded another video after adding that she might have actually also been banned for “kissing a homie on stream.”

While some said they were, “proud of Twitch for taking action,” others said that the streamer “did nothing wrong.”

As various different ‘metas’ continue to pick up popularity on the site, viewers and creators alike continue to debate what should and shouldn’t be allowed on Twitch.