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Twitch pole dancer can’t stop laughing after epic fail on stream

Published: 3/Jan/2020 23:11

by Virginia Glaze


Norwegian Twitch dancer and fitness enthusiast “Lizelda” suffered an unfortunate — and unintentionally hilarious — accident on stream during a pole dancing session in early January.

While Twitch is often touted for the unexpected moments that happen on camera, Lizelda took the cake during her pole dancing stream on January 3, when she attempted an impressive stunt for her fans.

Boasting a wide array of content, it comes as no surprise that dancing streams are somewhat popular on Twitch, with Lizelda using her platform for impromptu performances and to try out different moves for her audience.

lizeldatv, InstagramPole dancer and Twitch streamer “Lizelda” suffered a humorous accident on camera.

One such move required her to begin in a handstand, which would eventually find her legs wrapped around the pole, using her lower body strength to lift herself up.

Starting on the left side of the pole, Lizelda began the handstand — but her aim was off, causing her to fall over and hit the sofa on the right side of the room, her back hitting the floor.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem that the streamer was harmed too badly, as she broke into a fit of laughter after processing the humorous accident.

“I did not understand what the f*** just happened!” she laughed as she regained her composure. “It doesn’t hurt now. I’m probably gonna hurt later, though. …I am okay. I promise I’m okay.”

Thankfully, she was able to successfully pull off the stunt on her second try, wrapping her ankle around the pole to secure her balance before pulling herself up by her legs.

“That was what I was supposed to do!” she clarified.

As an actual pole dancing professional, Lizelda claimed that her on-stream slip-up didn’t even scratch the surface of her worst injuries in the sport.

“This is nothing,” she continued. “I’ve hurt myself way more.”

She even went on to react to a clip of her “epic fail,” which she couldn’t help but laugh at as she tried to figure out what went wrong.

“What the hell happened, here?” she laughed. “… you see I’m trying to find [the pole], and I’m like, ‘What the f**k?’”

Thankfully, Lizelda has a good sense of humor, showing that despite her mistake, she’s able to laugh it off and keep the show rolling.


AriaSaki explains how Disguised Toast helped her out of a “dark place”

Published: 26/Nov/2020 16:12

by Alice Hearing


Twitch streamer AriaSaki has revealed DisguisedToast helped her when she was “In a very dark place,” in a heartbreaking tweet on his birthday.

Aria is a Twitch streamer and cosplayer known for playing League of Legends. Aria is close friends with Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang, a hugely popular Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and Internet personality of OfflineTV.

Aria shocked fans on November 25, tweeting: “A month ago I was in a very dark place and planned to end it all. Toast reached out to me, talked to me till 6 AM to make sure I was ok.

“[Toast] invited me to OTV for healing and ultimately saved ‘AriaSaki’. You have him to thank for me being here today. HBD Toast.”

Fans left an outpouring of support in response to Aria’s tweet. One person said they were astounded by DisguisedToast’s kindness, writing “stop I’m gonna cry this is so cute toast is such a good guy & I’m glad you’re okay aria!”

The tweet itself has gone viral, amassing more than 170,000 likes and attracting the attention of several other influencers all expressing their concern and expressing their thanks to DisguisedToast.

Fellow streamer Renniesaurus responded, writing “Aria, I’m so glad that Toast was able to help you… I’m happy to have been able to meet you and call me your friend.”

Thankfully, it seems that Aria is now happier, and Disguised Toast has a new level of respect from his fans.