Twitch partner leaks possible Twitchcon 2023 dates & location

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A Twitch partner by the name of Smirky has leaked possible dates and the location for TwitchCon 2023, allegedly finding it through a hotel booking website.

Over the last few years, TwitchCon has been the premiere place for creators and businesses alike to get together annually and network their brands.

TwitchCon 2022 marked the return of the physical event for the first time since 2019, bringing an insane number of creators together for the first time in years.

A Twitch partner named Smirky has discovered possible dates & location for TwitchCon 2023, and fans are excited.

TwitchCon 2023 dates & location possibly leaked

On January 30, just days after Twitch streamer theotherjz posted the leak on Twitter, Smirky shared a link and screenshot to the Passkey website showing the possible location and dates.

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“Woah!! #TwitchCon in Las Vegas!? A link to Passkey was discovered with [tentative] dates for TwitchCon NA 2023. This was the same reservations portal for San Diego 22′ hotels. TwitchCon Las Vegas October 20-22, 2023,” the tweet reads.

Since the tweet was posted, the link no longer leads to the TwitchCon page.

TwitchCon 2022 took place on October 7-9, so the possible date of October 20-22 isn’t too far off from the company’s usual schedule. Las Vegas isn’t too far from San Diego, either — a place they’ve held the event for several years.

Twitch hasn’t mentioned anything regarding this year’s event as it’s still several months away, so it’s safe to say that these dates and locations are just rumors until then.

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The event also takes place during the same weekend as the ever-popular When We Were Young music festival, which leads many to believe the listing was a mistake.

However, it being unconfirmed hasn’t prevented it from quickly gaining traction in the community, with many creators sharing their excitement on Twitter.

We just hope that everybody stay’s safe this year.