Twitch outage leaves streaming community in shambles on January 3

twitch outage

Twitch is currently investigating an issue keeping multiple vital facets of the site from loading, making it impossible for users to find and watch streams.

On January 3, many users reported that wasn’t working as intended. On the home page, the featured section at the top was empty. Their followed streamers didn’t show up on the sidebar, and the only content they could access were clips from past streams.

Further investigation found that streams couldn’t be accessed when visiting directories, and even though games would list the number of current viewers, those tabs would appear devoid of streams.

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This issue was acknowledged by the Twitch Support Twitter account, stating: “We are investigating an issue preventing multiple areas of Twitch from loading.” But without a way for users to access content, the platform was left in shambles.

Twitch outage leaves platform useless

Despite the site displaying live viewer numbers, there’s no way around this outage, making it impossible for viewers to access streams. Even manually typing in the URL for a specific channel will lead to a blank screen, with no way to access the different tabs for the creator’s page.

twitch outageAmazon (Twitch0
This is the Twitch landing page during the outage on January 3, 2023.

With no concrete timeline for these issues, we will have to wait until Twitch resolves the loading problems or until we hear further from their support team.

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In the meantime, alternative streaming platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Gaming aren’t facing any issues at this time, so gamers can still get their fill of live content.