Twitch musician creates breathtaking rendition of PewDiePie’s ‘Congratulations’ diss track

Virginia Glaze
Bella Goldwin, Twitch / PewDiePie, YouTube

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg created his ‘Congratulations’ single as a diss track toward T-Series – which inspired one musician on Twitch to recreate the song in an impressive live stream.

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Musician and Twitch streamer Bella Goldwin performed a “live learn” of the song during a broadcast on April 4, after a fan requested she that she play the track in light of PewDiePie’s victory over the Bollywood label.

Goldwin’s rendition of the song was nothing short of breathtaking, giving the track a breathy, elegant sound in light of its original ‘pop’ genre.

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Who is Bella Goldwin?

Goldwin is more than a Twitch streamer; she also uploads original songs to YouTube, and has produced three albums under her joint record label with artist Kenneth Cullens.

Specializing in dance and electronic music, Goldwin often performs fan requests of songs on her Twitch stream, and even broadcasts her own compositions from time to time.

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The story behind PewDiePie’s ‘Congratulations’ to T-Series

While PewDiePie has yet to react to Goldwin’s ‘Congratulations’ cover, he recently hit a record-breaking 93 million subscribers ahead of T-Series on April 4, securing a massive 300,000 sub gap over the label in the process.

As of April 5, PewDiePie continues this trend, sitting at over 400,000 subs above the label and counting – despite his previous defeat.

T-Series appeared to overtake the YouTuber for good in late March, running an 80,000 sub lead for nearly five days after briefly surpassing PewDiePie multiple times.

Although he admitted defeat, PewDiePie’s ‘Congratulations’ diss track ended up shooting him back to the top spot on YouTube – and even threw major shade toward T-Series in the process.

FlareTV, YouTube
PewDiePie continues to surpass T-Series following the release of his ‘Congratulations’ diss track, sitting at over 400,000 subs above the label as of April 5.

PewDiePie’s diss track dug up major dirt against the label, accusing them of beginning their business by providing pirated songs, and even tying T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar to the Indian Mafia.

That’s not all; PewDiePie also brought up allegations of sexual harassment against Kumar, although the charges were dropped in January 2019 after the claimant admitted that their allegations were false.
PewDiePie brought up major dirt against T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar, noting that he’d been the subject of sexual assault allegations in January 2019.

While PewDiePie himself claimed that he “doesn’t understand” how he manages to keep making comebacks against T-Series, his dedicated fanbase has made sure that he keeps his crown – and Goldwin’s cover of his latest track is just another testament to that fact.