Twitch issues harsh new punishments to viewers who get banned

Published: 28/Mar/2020 12:47

by Andy Williams


Twitch, Amazon’s multi-platform live streaming service, has taken steps towards providing their content creators with more control over their channel – banned users now face more severe repercussions.

Twitch allows a variety of content creators to connect via their live streaming their niche of choice — from their real-life adventures to showcasing their skills in their favorite game, there is an abundance of content for viewers to absorb.

However, toxic users can often be a thorn in a broadcaster’s side. Until now, users that have been banned were able to create alternate accounts in a bid to continually plague the chat of Twitch streamers.

Just Chatting Twitch Directory
Twitch plays host to a variety of sub-cultures, due to its ever-evolving range of content.

Yet, as part of the Amazon-owned platform’s bid to clamp down on ill-mannered Twitch users, they have implemented a new set of measures which will put more control in the hands of the broadcaster.

As part of their March 27 announcement, Twitch Support Tweeted an update that will allow streamers to remove channel banned users from their follower and chat lists.

This means a banned user will no longer be able to view the chat at all, until a moderator unbans them — giving the broadcaster both a sense of authority and peace of mind.

IP Shadowbans

The banned individual will also reportedly be IP shadowbanned, meaning that they cannot continue to harass a streamer by simply creating an additional account.

Moreover, should the streamer decide to lift said ban, the shadowban will also be lifted, according to streamer Devin Nash.

“For context/clarity — we tested this using main and [alternate] accounts. Unbanning removes the shadowban from all accounts,” Nash explained.

Twitch have also updated their article which outlines all of the tools which are at a streamer’s disposal when learning how to handle harassment in chat.

One such tool is ‘blocking’ an individual, which has also been updated to reflect Twitch’s bid to support a creator’s well-being (i.e., blocking toxic users will also remove them from the streamer’s followers list).

Additionally, blocked users cannot refollow, whisper, host or purchase gifted subs.

While there are plenty of ways around IP shadowbans, Twitch are most definitely taking a step in the right direction by implementing these new measures.


Dr Disrespect responds to backlash after roasting mobile gaming

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:00

by Michael Gwilliam


Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect responded to all the backlash he received after comparing his monstrous gaming setup to that of a mobile gamer’s.

On November 26, the Two-Time made waves on Twitter after he described his $200,000 multi-PC setup and sarcastically asked how people can take mobile gaming seriously.

Now, the back-to-back Blockbuster video game champion responded to everyone who was upset with him claiming mobile gaming wasn’t a serious thing.

In a comedic skit, Doc pretended to play a game on an old flip phone and was clearly struggling.

“Come on, peak. Oh, I would have killed you if I had a better connection. That’s bullsh*t,” he acted before realizing the camera was rolling, causing him to slowly flip his phone shut. “How long have we been live?”

While this opening segment was played for jokes, the theme carried on with Doc talking to ZLaner about the backlash he was receiving.

“I’m getting a lot of heat these days on Twitter. I just explained what my setup was in comparison to a mobile gaming setup,” he said. “I shouldn’t even say anything anymore.”

To this, ZLaner inquired about what exactly Doc had said and if he was implying that mobile gaming was a “laughing joke.”

“Again, I just explained what my setup was,” he doubled down. “And then with all that said, do I take someone playing on a phone seriously? I mean, it was just a question.”

Furthermore, when 100 Thieves star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter tried to get Doc to participate in a big Among Us stream, he declined, saying it “looks worse than a mobile game.”

While the YouTube streamer may be downplaying his remarks a touch, phrasing them as “just a question,” it didn’t stop some prominent voices from speaking up.

As Dexerto reported, things reached a boiling point when CoD Mobile player Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergie challenged Doc to a $100,000 1v1.

Dr Disrespect streams on YouTube
Dr Disrespect has been seeing success on YouTube.

This wasn’t the only challenge issued either with Elijah ‘Hawksnest’ Jackson offering a $10,000 wager against the Two-Time.

Dr Disrespect didn’t respond to either of the two challenges issued. Either way, it seems like this feud with the mobile gaming community is far from over.