Twitch’s fastest-growing streamers are all Spanish-speaking as platform diversifies

Eleni Thomas
Twitch Spanish speaking creators header image copyTwitch: AuronPlay/ElSpreen

Recent data about Twitch’s content creators reveal the fastest-growing streamers on the platform are all Spanish-speaking channels. All of the top five, based off viewership, aren’t from an English-speaking background, showcasing the rise of Twitch globally.

Twitch is often seen as a website dominated by English-speaking talents — no matter whether they be European, American, or otherwise. However, the tides are changing, and more diverse backgrounds are finding their feet on the platform.

According to data from Sullygnome, the top five fastest-growing Twitch accounts in August so far have all been streamers that speak Spanish.

It’s important to note that while all these channels belong to Spanish language content creators, they are from a number of different Spanish-speaking countries.

Sitting in the fifth spot is Spanish streamer and comedian AuronPlay who has seen their average viewers numbers increase by over 55% in the past two weeks. Mexican streamer ElMariana sits just above AuronPlay and has seen a slight increase of 12% to their average viewer count. 

The average viewer count for Colombian-born gamer Juansguarnizo has actually decreased in the past month by 10 percent, however, Juansguarnizo still maintains the number 3 spot. Coming in as the second fast-growing streamer is Argentine Carreraaa, who also has a strong social media presence on top of their Twitch stream.

Twitch Spanish-speaking creators body imageSullyGnome
Spanish-speaking streamers are gaining popularity like never before.

Fellow Argentine ElSpreen rounds off the top 5 in the number 1 spot. ElSpreen’s peak viewer numbers increased by a staggering 151 percent, with the average viewer count also increased by an impressive 61 percent. As well as this, seven of the top 10 are also Spanish-language Twitch streamers.

While always maintaining a loyal and strong fanbase, Spanish-language streaming channels have surged in popularity lately. In July 2022, Spanish Twitch star Rubius surpassed his previous peak viewership numbers when more than 250,000 concurrent viewers tuned in for the premiere of the Minecraft Karmaland series.

Ibai also currently holds Twitch’s viewership record globally after more than 2.5 million peak viewers tuned in for his boxing event in June.

Twitch viewership data also suggests AuronPlay and Rubius, two popular Spanish-speaking streamers, may even overtake platform juggernaut Ninja in regards to their total follower count on the platform.