Twitch fans call for Velvet_7 to be unbanned after platform changes

. 1 year ago
Streamer Velvet_7 in a YouTube video
YouTube: Velvet Tube

Following Twitch’s clarification on what constitutes ‘sexually suggestive content,’ some wonder whether Korean streamer Velvet_7 will return to the platform after being banned on multiple occasions.

Velvet_7 has been suspended by Twitch on multiple occasions dating back to 2019. In one instance she was banned for five weeks for broadcasting ‘sexually suggestive content.’

Although Twitch admitted that it was a mistake, she was banned yet again a few months later for ‘hate speech,’ but had her account reinstated just one hour later, again believed to be an error.

She has been banned multiple times since then for ‘sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities,’ though the streamer uploaded a series of images following each ban showing the outfits she was wearing in the streams, adding: “I just have a different body type than other girls,” and, “I don’t try to be sexually suggestive.”

After the increasing controversy surrounding the hot tub meta, the company released a statement on May 21 in which they clarified how they would be approaching ‘sexually suggestive content.’

Along with announcing a new category specifically for ‘pools & beaches,’ they also added: “While we have guidelines about sexually suggestive content, being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take enforcement action against women, or anyone on our service, for their perceived attractiveness.”

The clarification has got some fans wondering whether Velvet_7 will be allowed back onto the platform once Twitch follows through on their plans to update their policy, with some writing in a Reddit thread about the streamer, “free Velvet.”

While some felt that she was making intentionally sexually suggestive content, others called her repeated bans “misogyny” on Twitch’s part.

How Twitch’s new category and upcoming policy changes will affect how the platform is run remains to be seen, and many are curious to see how they’ll handle the possible reinstatement of banned accounts once the rules have been adjusted.

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